The universal shortlink for your web3 username, now available for .eth names.

What is

TL;DR we secured this domain to help you share what you want to the world. This was our first shot, let us know what you think. is a service that showcases the public ENS profile and NFT collection of any .eth name on a simple, secure, and easily shareable URL. Just add .xyz to the end of any .eth name in any browser and visit the URL.

  • can be an easy way to share what you want to the world
  • Maybe it can help illustrate things IRL
  • An easy way to show them your JPEGs

How do I use

Every .eth name has been granted automatic access to the feature. Simply add “.xyz” to the end of any .eth name in any web browser and the ENS profile will display.

For example: the ENS profile for maaria.eth is accessible in any browser at

The profile content is automatically generated from publicly available information provided through ENS and is ultimately controlled by the relevant ENS user.

Are .xyz domains or other TLDs supported?

Yes! Like this: or

Profile pages for all .xyz and other TLDs are available as subpages of To view the profile page for any other TLD, just add your domain to the end of This subpage method supports subdomains as well.

Does support using profiles as Bluesky usernames?

Yes! Please see the instructions here. Using your profile as your Bluesky username can help consolidate your online presence. profiles are essentially free landing pages for decentralized identities, acting as a central hub of personally curated information. Connecting your digital identity across platforms can increase the visibility of your online presence to a broader audience.

How do I troubleshoot the Bluesky validation of my handle?

If your Bluesky validation isn't working, there are a couple of things to check:

  1. Make sure your custom record's Key contains the underscore and the period in _atproto.
  2. Make sure your custom record's Value starts with did=
  3. Make sure you have clicked "Refresh Records" on your profile
  4. Re-try verification in 15 minutes. Depending on the server load, DNS records can take from minutes to hours to propagate. You can check to see if your records have propagated by using a DNS propagation checker - you can follow that example link and replace with your own profile.

Does the shortlink work on .eth subdomains?

You can visit your .eth subdomain profile using the subpage method: At the moment, subdomains do not work in the shortlink (i.e.


We’d like to have a feature that can help people explore .eth profiles. For now, here are a few .eth profiles to test out.

You can also visit to check out some of the most popular .eth holders on Twitter.

Who runs was created for the ENS community with love by the XYZ Registry, the company behind .xyz domain names. The project is open for contribution or feedback on GitHub. Send us a message @xyz on Twitter!

How do I update my profile?

Connect to the ENS Manager to update your .eth name’s information, such as your content, addresses, and text records.

What is the source of the NFTs?

For each .eth name, the NFTs displayed are pulled via API from OpenSea.

What is .xyz?

.XYZ is the generic top-level domain name (“gTLD” or “TLD”) that originally helped to pioneer the ENS and DNS integration in 2018. Since 2014, .xyz has disrupted the status quo by offering domain name choice and accessibility to internet users, becoming the most popular new domain ending worldwide.

The XYZ Registry supports the blockchain technology community and shares their passion for pushing the envelope of the internet. We are enthusiastic about our continued collaboration with ENS. .XYZ is honored to be the domain of choice for many cutting edge technology initiatives, from,, and, to and many more.

We support web3 and the expansion of naming opportunities, and we are committed to continue exploring opportunities to harmonize with the adoption of web3. We believe that we belong together in the metaverse.

As small business owners, the founders of .xyz know the importance of being able to secure a memorable domain at a reasonable price. That’s why .xyz’s mission has always been to help entrepreneurs and innovators get online. Since 2014, .xyz has built a passionate community of individuals, small businesses, and organizations.

.XYZ partners with more than 230 registrars, is the #1 new gTLD in usage1, and leads the industry with a successful anti‑abuse program. We have also stood strong through anti‑competitive legal actions, showing that innovation and choice prevails. Today, you can find a .xyz domain in practically every country and territory, and we hope to foster further innovation by supporting the evolution of naming.



We would like to hear your feedback on We have published on GitHub and invite you to open issues or submit pull requests. You can also email us at .